Trace your Pennine Eggs


Enter the code found on your egg below, then press 'Go' to find out where your Pennine Eggs have come from.


Eg. enter xUKxxxxx where the x is a number like 1UK10007





What do the codes mean?

eggs codes for pennine eggs

What does British Lion Quality standard mean?


The British Lion Quality logo found stamped on eggs means that the eggs have been produced to the highest accredited food safety standards.



It was launched in 1998 and amongst many others includes compulsory vaccination against salmonella, careful temperature control of the eggs, the ability to trace where the chickens have come from, a best before date that is stamped on the eggs and stringent hygiene controls.


Approximately 85% of UK eggs are now produced to British Lion Quality standards.





please click here to find out more about British Lion Quality Standards and to trace eggs that aren't from the Pennine Egg range